ws-routine-articleHaving kids and parenting can be exhausting, and you feel like it will never end. You might feel like everything is out of control and you’re spending your energy trying to stay sane. While routines might sound annoying, keeping a routine going will help you find time for yourself in between and make it easier for everyone- including your kids!
Observe yourself and your child/children for a short period of time and determine what you usually do over this time. Note the times around which you usually do the same everyday, even if it’s just when you wake up the kid. You can’t build a routine that won’t fit your kid, so you need to find one that works well with both of you.
Start by scheduling bedtime, time to wake up, and meal times. Once you’ve began this, you might start a schedule to break down structured play and free play during the day.
When it comes to bedtime, build a ritual that works for you. Begin it with saying you are going to have fifteen minutes left to play, but after that it’s clean-up time. Preparing them to get their mind already on cleaning up will help save a fight later on. After cleaning up toys, it’s time to wind the kids down entirely. If they need a bath, that’s a good next step. Follow that up with a low-energy activity like story time which should prepare them to actually fall asleep.
Keep in mind that you can’t control everything. The best routine will still have its days where it doesn’t go as planned, and even if you leave town or go to Grandma’s, try to keep the routine as best you can. Your child will get used to it in no time. Maybe you will get to squeeze more you time in for the gym!

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