One of the easiest ways to save money is to cut back on eating out at restaurants. However, groceries can really add up, especially if you want to prepare wholesome, fresh meals daily. Here are some easy swaps to help you save when you stock your fridge!


Trade in your Jamaican Blue Mountain and Kona java for Papa New Guinea beans and save $20 per pound! Their roast tastes nearly the same, probably because this coffee is grown from the seedlings of Jamaican Blue Mountain.

Dried Mushrooms

Add them to a risotto, creamy pasta, or even eggs! Trading in some fresh mushrooms for dried is a money-saver in itself because of their long shelf life. However, make sure you opt for the porcini mushrooms over morels to save up to $26 per pound!

Parmesan Cheese

Parmesan is the normal go-to when it comes to Italian food. However, you can save money (up to $10 per pound) without losing flavor by buying Pecorino Romano or Locatelli Romano grating cheese instead!


Cooking up some Indian delight tonight? Swap Basmati rice for Jasmine rice and save about $4.50 per pound! Plus, Jasmine rice tends to be a bit stickier, adding a fantastic texture with your curry sauces.


An extra three minutes in the morning could mean extra cash in your bank account! Trade in artificially sweetened instant oatmeal for quick oats sweetened with honey, Stevia, or thawed frozen berries. Need to take your oats on the go? Put ½ cup of quick oats in a Tupperware and add hot water.


-Emily Freeman

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