I have fought the deadly disease of chipped nail polish since middle school. Going to the nail salon in my tween years consisted of utter glee followed by hopeless beauty woes two days later when volleyball practice and dance rehearsals had left my manicure a mess. In high school, mani-pedis were limited to formal school dances and in college, well, a trip the salon came about three times a year when my mom would treat me to a girls day.

That is, until new gellish nail polish came out! Last summer I had a hay day when I found this new nail polish that would last up to two weeks without chips. It was perfect for my active, fast paced lifestyle. The no dry time made this invention even more genius. I have always had difficulty with the patience required for getting a manicure. But, with this new gellish nail polish I could take out my own credit card at the salon, put on my own seat belt, and drive without sticking my hand out the window or sky roof.

But, there was still one drawback; gellish nails became quite the investment. Between the extra cost to get a gellish manicure versus a regular polish one and the removal cost, my new habit started to add up. Just as I was about to lose hope on keeping my paws perfect, new at-home gellish manicure kits were released in stores! Sephora just released an OPI Gelshine At-Home Gel Colour System for $159.00 plus the cost of the polish, $17.50 each. However, if you order online now, you will get $17.50 off your order (free polish!).  If you want to be even thriftier, you can find Nutra Nail Gel Perfect UV-Free Gel-Color at CVS, Walgreens, Walmart, Savemart, and Beautyland for about $33 or online for only $25 with free shipping and handling! You can also use these coupons to save $2.00 on any Gel Perfect polish or $1.00 on the No- Mess Express Gel Perfect Remover.


-Emily Freeman

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