Having a teeny tiny baby who needs my attention throughout the day is a huge bummer to my older kids.  They often get frustrated that I can’t always play their games, or read them stories, or sit in my lap while I feed their baby brother. 

For a while I tried putting on a special television show while I was feeding, but that quickly lost it’s interest.  Television is just not as cool as mommy, I can’t deny that.  Our latest diversion?  Scavenger hunts.  I am all about games that are both fun and educational at the same time.  While I feed the baby my two “big” kids are asked to find things for me.  Something green.  Something round.  Something that flies.  Something that roles.  Something with the letter G on it.  Something that is flat.  You get the idea.  Not only does this keep my kiddos busy while I am otherwise occupied, but it keeps their brains active (a definite plus!) and it helps teach them things too. 

 My two year old doesn’t always remember his letters.  He is still sort of hit or miss with them.  So sending him on a mission to find the letter A is both a challenge and good for him.  He still feels like he’s playing with mommy, and I am able to take care of my two month old.  For my four (almost five) year old I send her to find things a bit more challenging.  Instead of letters she finds something with a silent E in its name.  Or something that is comforting.  She learns concepts and reinforces what she is learning in school.  This game usually last about 40 minutes which perfectly coincides with how long it takes me to feed and change the baby.  Parenting win!


-Stephanie Wright

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