Interview TipsWe’ve heard it all before – times are tough, so if you have a job you better hold onto it for dear life. For those of you that are in the midst of job hunting – don’t stress! Follow these Interview Do’s & Dont’s, and you’ll be sure to leave a lasting impression!

Think polished & classy. This is not the time to take risks – you want to play it safe, and safe means neutral. Keep your makeup subtle and natural, pick a neutral shade for your (trimmed) nails, and pull your hair back into a smooth and pretty ponytail.

Similar to your look, you want to keep your clothing classy. Say no to sexy & sheer, and be careful about showing too much skin. One more thing –  iron out those wrinkles!

An interview involves talking, clearly. However, there are some things that shouldn’t be discussed. First, nothing about the parties or the hangover. You may work hard and play hard, but there is no need to discuss the latter. Second, leave the potty mouth at the door. Cursing is a big no no! Third, don’t talk badly about your former employers. You want to come across as positive and loyal, not bitter.

Finally, pay attention to your behavior – you want to be warm, not overly formal. Start off with a firm handshake, and remember to smile! Don’t fidget or play with your hair, and be polite. Most importantly, how them that you’ve done your research. Ask questions about various aspects of the company, and express your interest.  If you can prove that you are a team player with their best interests in their mind, pretty soon you’ll be a part of the team!

-Shalyn Tharayil

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