The three-day weekend can be a scary prospect for some parents, especially if you don’t have the time (or the funds) for an extended get-away.

Here are a few simple and inexpensive suggestions that will keep your family happy and honoring those who have served and died for America’s freedom.  Show your appreciation by making sure you make the most of the day.

  • A campout in your backyard. This is a great alternative to a trip. If you have the space, set up the tent, somewhere to make s’mores and watch the stars with the whole family.
  • Picnic in an unexpected area.  You’ve got the whole day. Why go to the same old park down the street?  Do a little research, drive to a nearby lake, and really relax.  If you want to make two days of it, visit your local farmers market and think of food you can make with the whole family.  Let every one chose one dish and spend the day before prepping.
  • Use the day as an excuse to get a little rowdy.  Organize a water balloon fight.  Invite friends, family, have a barbeque and have at it.  Split the guests into teams and spent the afternoon engaging in some good old-fashioned ruckus.  To save on food, make the bbq a potluck contest, where the best dish wins a special Memorial Day prize.  Everyone loves a good challenge.
  • If you’re the thoughtful type and really want to spend the day reflecting on the meaning behind Memorial Day, have the family write letters to troops overseas, or put together a care package of canned goods and other items.  A simple message or gesture of thanks and support goes a long way when you’re a long way from home.

Making memories is a great way to memorialize.

-Arianna Schioldager

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