Manolos. Louboutins. Jimmy Choos.  The uttering of those beautiful words throws my shoe-loving heart into a tizzy.  But, as shoe-aficionados of any age worth her weight in Chanel boots knows, nothing ruins your night more than needing to take a load off of when your fabulous new stilettos cause you serious pain.  Then, trucks, while perusing my go-to website for pain relief, I came across the product that would put an end to my aching toesies, Pump Pouches by ProFoot.

Pump Pouches padded peds protect feet from pain, pressure and improve users traction.  Designed with the ballerinas who spend day-in-and-day-out on their tippy toes in mind, they envelop toes in a contoured cloud of soft, pliable goodness, allowing wearers to sport even the most Wholesale Miami Dolphins Jerseys painful of shoes … with new found ease!

These little wonders that look like a thick, nude half sock are sure to give their competitors a run for their money. Pump Pouches offers yet another solution for foot woes, providing their wearers with a light weight and slim insole that makes them an ideal companion Yükseltin for several type of wholesale NBA jerseys shoes – whether it’s flats, boots or heels that are on the agenda. However, open toe shoe wearers beware, sadly, they are not compatible with flip flops.  I hope that ProFoot soon ensures their growing posse of Pump Pouch Biegi fans that a sandal-friendly version is on the horizon, as there is definitely a need in the marketplace for this type of insole.

I admit, I hung my toe shoes up so long ago, I practically need a dictionary to remember what a “plié” is, but this is one ballet-inspired item I can get behind.   They go on like a sock, stay in place wholesale nfl jerseys and help like a Band-Aid and keep aching toes and arches at bay, providing needed R & R for any and every shoe-aholic out there.  Okay, namely, this one who loves a new reason to work herself wholesale Minnesota Vikings jerseys into a tizzy for a fraction of the cost of her usual vice, i.e. pricey footwear that was once sure to cause big Fledgling’s boo-boos.  Bye bye boo-boos.


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