If you made a New Year’s Resolution to hit the gym regularly hopefully it’s still going strong! However, if your muscles are sore,  you may start dreading the gym and decreasing the intensity of your work outs.

Instead of just taking a day, or a few, off to try and relieve muscle pain, try these remedies to accelerate your recovery time and be more likely to stay on top of your regimens.

NordicTrack 3-in-1 Foam Roller

Complete with a small and large foam roller and a massage stick, you can roll out even the most stubborn knots. Rolling out sore spots increases blood flow to your muscles and releases painful kinks.

Bengay Cold Therapy

This mentholated gel relieves irritation. Its cooling and tingling effects distracts you from the source of pain and helps your muscles relax.

Moji 360 Palm

The handheld massager has roller balls that mimic the strokes of a real massage therapist. Its compact size and light weight also make it easily portable. Throw it in your gym bag and use it before and/or after your workouts!

Bed Buddy Warming Shawl

The shawl can be heated or cooled to fit all your shoulder, arm, and back muscle needs. It is filled with water, so the moist heat will relieve your muscles quicker than dry heat.

TheraPearl Sports Pack

Ditch the frozen peas and indulge in the TheraPearl. Unlike normal ice packs, it is filled with beads which comfortably conform to your body contours. You can also put it in the microwave for heat therapy.

-Emily Freeman

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