Spring means… Spring cleaning!  This is probably not really what you want to be reminded of when you’re enjoying the sound of birds chirping, the feeling of warm sun rays and a refreshing breeze, and the smell of flowers blooming.

However, ‘tis the season to channel your inner clean freak and try to find enjoyment in cleaning! I know most people are not like my weird self. I actually clean to de-stress and restore energy. Not to worry, I have 10 surefire spring cleaning tips for you to make the activity super simple and less timely.

1. Make a Plan That Includes Reasonable Goals

First make a checklist of the areas in your home that need cleaning. Then make a schedule to budget your time within each area. Make sure your schedule includes time slots for breaks and distractions so you don’t feel overwhelmed and have time to get refreshed and ready to tackle the next area.

2. Get Your Supplies in Order

Make sure you have all the cleaning supplies you will need before you start. There is nothing more frustrating than starting your process only to find you can’t complete it without running frantically to the store. If you are getting new supplies, try to find solutions that are sans chemicals!

3. Involve Your Kids, or Maybe Not

Small children actually love having “grown-up” tasks assigned to them. If you are lucky enough to have a child that is actually capable of not making more of a mess, get them super excited about being your cleaning assistant. Blast music and make it a family activity. However, if they are still too young to not break glass or spill juice, try to get your cleaning in during their naps or hire a sitter to take them to the park that day.

4. Tackle One Area at a Time

It is so easy to see a spot on the rug in the next room and want to tackle it right away. Don’t get distracted with various projects throughout the house. Your sanity will thank you.

5. Clean before Cleaning

Yes, you heard me. Nothing is worse than having to trek through clutter in order to dust or wipe. Instead, get rid of all the extra garbage and knick-knacks the night before.

6. Use Bins

You are going to make piles of stuff to keep and stuff to get-rid of. Most likely you will throw these items into lose piles on your floor. This means you will have to collect and organize them after you are done cleaning. Most likely then, due to your post-clean exhaustion, they probably won’t get picked up until the next day. Save yourself time and energy by having bins for “Keep” and “Get Rid Of” ready before hand which you can place all these items neatly in and conveniently store or take out to the trash after.

7. Fresh Air Does a Body Good

Enjoy the fresh spring  air while you clean and open a window! Fresh air is rejuvenating and relaxing, making your cleaning experience that much less torturous.

8. Go From Top to Bottom

If you start with your floors then work your way up, most likely you will have to clean the floors after as well. Start at the top of the room instead. This way, if bits and crumbs get dropped onto the floor (which they will) while you’re cleaning, you can just sweep them away when you clean the floors (for the first time!).

9. Re-decorate

Get creative with your Spring Cleaning! Why not switch out your dark and wintery decorations for some light and crisp spring ones? You may find yourself falling in love with organizing!

10. Become a Neat Freak

Now that your house looks like a spread in Pottery Barn, you’re going to want to keep it this way for as long as possible. Allot time to clean. Whether you want to concentrate on specific spots to do a little every day or schedule time every few days to do bigger areas, make a schedule for yourself to keep your house company-ready.


-Emily Freeman

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