Something serious happened–right around the release of the first iPod shuffle– with stocking stuffers. They took a turn for the extravagant. Remember when stocking stuffers were little ten dollar gags, the warm-ups for the bigger gifts under the tree? Remember when tangerines and nuts for the Nutcracker were part of the deal? Just because gifts are tiny doesn’t mean they belong in a stocking and if you’re grasping as straws as to what to stuff, here are some merry stocking stuffer ideas that steer from the more extravagant items (all for under 50 dollars).

Everybody needs them, everybody wears them, and everybody loves a colorful and playful pair of socks. Think of all the possibilities of Instagram pics by the tree when you dole out Stance Socks–each style always stems from the core values of the brand: creative, original, artistic, mercurial and effortlessly cool.

I always loved getting stuffers with a bit of a game to them, like this Japanese puzzle box that will not only occupy but delight. They also make for great decorative pieces or storing keepsakes.

Everyone appreciates a little pampering and since winter is known for causing skin problems, nothing like a little Fresh Rose Hydrating Cream Gel to provide moisture and protection against pollution. Works for all skin types.

For friends and family who love a good¬†tchotchke (fitting that it’s derived from the Slavic word for toys) these cute little wooden bird cardholders work for displaying the plethora of holiday and new years cards received, but also work for those that enjoy setting a whimsical table.

This is a gift that varies by neighborhood, but most single-classes (whether for yoga, ballet, pilates) costs around twenty-dollars and if you have a loved one that’s looking to start, an intro class is a great gift (and one you can do together). That’s the merry holiday spirit!


-Arianna Schioldager

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