healthyweight2Losing weight is a tricky thing. Once you make the decision to commit, the task becomes how to do it correctly, safely and with permanent results. That’s a lot to consider. Many who jump right in will fail. Losing weight is not just cutting calories. Done the right way it is a lifestyle and a mindset change. There are so many ways to sabotage your process; here are a few common ones:

I can still buy the same type of food and just eat ‘less’…

Chances are, if you need or want to lose weight you are not making the best choices when it comes to eating. In order to be successful, you need to change your habits. Don’t continue to buy that sugary cereal and think you are only going to eat the recommended serving size instead of a heaping bowl. You won’t.

Alternative- In the beginning it may cost a little more, but shop farmers markets if you can or grocery stores that sell mostly organic foods. A change in scenery from your old grocery store can make a big difference. These types of stores often have people who are more knowledgeable about the food they sell and they can be a wealth of information.

Dining out is still OK…

Yes, there are many ‘healthy’ restaurants out there, with healthy choices. But there is a lot of temptation as well. Evens some healthy restaurants use oil and butter and lots of it. And why would you want to torture yourself and have that basket of bread staring at you.

Alternative- I hate to say it, but in the beginning my opinion is it is best not to eat out at all. This takes a lot of preparation (packing lunches, planning in advance, having healthy snacks with you always) especially if you are on the go a lot or if dining out is a big part of your social life. But, this is a lifestyle change, so if you continue to do the same things you will keep getting the same results.

I can stick to the same routine…

Along with making unhealthy choices in what is actually consumed, many people needing to shed weight tend to eat on a bad schedule. Meaning, late at night; in the car; skipping breakfast etc…

Alternative- If you never eat breakfast, which is not a great habit to begin with, get up a little earlier and eat something. If you always eat in front of the TV, sit at the table (or turn the TV off and play some music instead). Any change in routine will signal to your brain that something ‘different’ is happening.

I don’t need to change the way I think about food…

Food is amazing. We need it to live; it tastes great and can be a fun social way to connect with people. If eating for you is a negative experience or blissful because you are overindulging and that gives you a rush, then you need to change your thought pattern about food and eating.

Alternative- This is huge. If you have major emotional or negative issues concerning food, I urge you to seek help. There are many free resources available to you to help you switch your thinking about food. Overeaters Anonymous is one. If it is financially feasible, get yourself a nutritionist; at least in the beginning of your journey. Even life coaches and therapists can help you as it’s likely something deeper than just ‘food’.  On a lesser level, some think that eating healthy is ‘boring’ and the food tastes awful. That may be the case in some instances. But there are so many delicious and healthy recipes out there and who knows you might discover you have an inner chef in you!

Whatever you choose to do, know that losing weight is a process, a life change and a journey.

Jessica Kuiken is a Los Angeles based Pilates Instructor. You can follower her on Twitter here.

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