Having more than one child brings on a whole slew of new challenges.  You think you have mastered being a parent (for the most part), then this new baby comes along who is completely different from your previous kids and messes up your game.  My most recent challenge had to do with strollers.  My first two kids were far enough apart that I didn’t really need a double stroller.  My daughter was more than capable of walking, so the single stroller we used for her worked just fine for my son as well. 

This time, the timing isn’t so far apart.  My son will not even be two years old by the time we deliver baby number three.  So off to double stroller land we went.  You might think I’m crazy, but I test drove so many strollers that the people at Babies R Us thought I was a stroller stalker. 

There were a few that stood out to me.  The Graco Quattro Tour Duo, the Contours Options Tandem, and the Baby Trend Sit N Stand Deluxe.  I think eventually we may end up going the Sit N Stand route, but at this point, my son was able to get himself out of the back seat/standing area with far too much ease.  He doesn’t quite have the self control to stay there just yet.  The boy needs buckles! 


I really liked the Contours Tandem stroller.  It felt like it steered well with my four year old and 19 month old in it.  But for the life of me, I couldn’t get the mechanics of how to rearrange the seats.  It made me a little crazy.  That left me with the Graco Quattro Tour Duo.  Besides it’s off putting name, this thing worked well.  It folded down smaller than the other two strollers.  In fact it folded to nearly the same size as my single.  I loved the fact that I could take sharp turns with it. 

All three had ample storage for my junk, but the Graco was the easiest for me to access while loaded. An added bonus was that my infant seat is a Graco, so no compatibility issues there.   Needless to say we went with the Graco and are so far very happy with our choice. 

-Stephanie Wright

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