Sipping on a frosty smoothie or a refreshing cocktail during the summer heat feels like heaven. That is, until you pick up your cup and realize your summer sip left a thick ring on your favorite coffee table.

Here are some fun summer DIY coaster ideas from Martha Stewart to brighten up your table settings and avoid streaky tabletops!

Personalized Coatsers

These bright cork coasters with monogram details would be adorable in your kitchen or for patio tables outside.


Masking tape

Vinyl letters (with your initials)

Stencil brush

Bright craft paints (corals, whites, blues, and yellows look great)

4” round cork coasters (or whatever size you prefer)


  1. Make some of your coasters striped and some with letters to add a cute touch.
  2. To make the stripes, put masking tape in stripes on cork coaster.
  3. For your initial, lay down the vinyl letters on the cork coaster.
  4. Then, with a stencil brush, apply craft pain. Let dry.
  5. Remove tape or letter and viola!

Birch Coasters

These coasters scream summer brunch!


Sanding block and sandpaper in fine or medium grade

Birch disks, available at garden centers

Foam brush

Colored wood stain


Clear matte polyurethane


  1. Lightly sand the surface of each disk.
  2. Apply wood stain with the foam brush. Wipe off any extra paint lightly with a paper towel and let dry. Repeat until you get a desired color.
  3. Apply and top coat of polyurethane, let dry, and enjoy!

-Emily Freeman


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