smoreIf you were to ask us what our favorite dessert on planet earth was, we’d say a delicious, slightly burned, roasted marshmallow slathered in between a piece of chocolate and two graham crackers. Yes, that’s right, we love us some S’Mores. There is just something so wonderful about the flavor combination and the memories we have of making them with friends and family that keep us coming back for more. We can’t resist.

As always, we love to find new and refreshing ways to enjoy old school favorites, so why not seek out some new ideas that others are already creating in the S’Mores space.

The first thing we found was the idea of individual fires for people to roast their marshmallows on. This is a great tool for those of us that don’t have a coal BBQ or a fire pit handy, and a cute way to make people feel special at your event. Just take small or medium Terra-cotta clay pots, line the inside with heavy grade tinfoil, put some coal in each, and light em on fire! (We first saw the idea here.)

Some people even create S’Mores bars with different toppings to add to including various candies, fruits, and syrups!

Here are a few other recipes that we think would be absolutely delicious!

Raspberry Nutella S’Mores

Peeps S’Mores

Pretzel S’Mores – If you don’t want to completely omit graham crackers, why not just crush up some pretzels and add it to the mix?

You could also smash some candy into your S’Mores like Rolos, peanut butter cups, or even something like an Almond Joy! Whatever way you choose to go, we’re sure that you will end up with something so tasty you won’t be able to put it down.

So what kind of S’Mores fan are you? Burnt marshmallow or perfectly browned?

-Sasha Huff

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