Life is uncertain so they say.  Eat desserts first.  Especially chocolate. And especially chocolate this Valentine’s Day.  Whether you’re giving or receiving, chocolate can make anyone smile.

But rather than give just the standard red heart box of chocolates (does anyone really want that anyway?) or just hitting up See’s, veer away from the typical this 14th and grab an array of chocolate bars, from Hazelnut, to Dark Cacao, to Cherry infused from a confectionary or your local supermarket. You know what your love loves.

But instead of simply tossing them in a bag with a card, make each chocolate bar their own special card.  Cover each bar with a sweet and unique decoration.  Pick up paper, raffia, ribbons, buttons, cut-outs, stencils, ad infinitum from your local craft store.  Almost all have special Valentines themed paper, which is a great base to start from.  Or kraft paper.  Wrap the outside of the chocolate bar, so that the brand label is not longer visible, and add all your bells and whistles from there.

As always, try to keep your color palate to a maximum of four colors.  This will give your chocolate presents a more sophisticated look.

Make it even more personal with a note strip that runs down the center.


– Arianna Schioldager


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