When I was in 8th grade, I decided I had no interest in being a cheerleader, so I convinced my school’s football coach to let me join the boy’s team. Though I succeeded, I was never put in. The bench was my friend.

But now, thanks to fashion trends, from Alexander Wang to Rag and Bone track suits on the runway, I can live out my sporty aspirations that never came to fruition on the field.

Comfort is a huge part of dressing. Sporty Spice knew what was up. It’s not exactly an Adidas warm up, but the Rag and Bone Eloise Track Pant with double white stripes down the sides, is a perfect alternative. The slouchy, straight silhouette is a playful but adult way to wear comfort. They’re so chic you could wear them to the office or on a date.

Letterman and varsity jackets are blowing up the female and male fashion spheres. They range from bank to bang for your buck– from leather sleeved tailored designer to old school vintage. This option from Free People gives a update with the black denim. Perfect for a baseball game or a date with your baseball sweetheart. Or take your pick (at a much better looking price tag) at a range from classic to lettered to color-blocked.

The sneaker wedge made a splash with Isabel Marant and Miranda Kerr who strut down the street as she would any catwalk in her lifted sneaker. There are much more affordable options, thanks to brands like Steve Madden who have made the Olympiaa sneaker accessible for the masses.

And remember. It’s important that you wear whatever expresses you at that moment and ignore trends.  Even if you just thrown on sweats, like this color-block option that’s cozy enough for the couch and stylish enough for the market.

-Arianna Schioldager

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