Our armed forces provide us with a lot more than protection—they also, as a bonus, offer a bevy of sartorial inspirations.  From button embellishments and strong shoulders to cargo pants and dog tags, armed style has been influencing designers and regular folk alike since the 1800s.

This Fall 2012 proves no different, and though the camouflage trend isn’t exactly as sensational as storming the beaches of Normandy might have been, there’s no reason that you won’t leave some passers-by shell-shocked by your inimitable style.  Plus the colors will compliment your fresh-from-summer olive skin.

Firstly. There are plenty of designers that will be offering a denim-ish camo pant come fall.  Elizabeth and James Textile will offer a pair with gold zipper detail.  Current/Eliot as well hops on the trend, with a more muted version. They’ll look great with a pair of ankle cut booties.  Thakoon steps it up a notch, and ventures out beyond the traditional, with a blend of floral and camo like we’ve never seen before.  It’s the perfect mix of masculine and feminine.  Since camo reads more on the masculine side, ladies tend to dress the look up with more feminine details.  The Thakoon Flower Camo Seamed Trouser omits that necessity, and lets you style as you please.  No heels necessary, but they certainly won’t hurt if you transition your pants day-to-night.

Up top, there’s an array of different options.  An over-shirt is ideal if you want a multi-purpose item that you can wear with shorts, jeans, even belted (or open!) with a cute breezy dress.  A camo army jacket provides that same versatility.

Just remember to balance the elements.  A beautiful light-blue silk button down (think an Equipment style shirt) compliments a camo pant (or short a la here) perfectly.

Everyone will salute your style.

-Arianna Schioldager

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