Are you in a time crunch for even a short workout? Experts at the American College of Sports Medicine created a 7-minute plan that can fit into almost anyone’s schedule.

The program uses high-intensity training in an exercise circuit, meaning that you quickly progress from one exercise in the circuit to another, exercising full out for each one (that’s the “high-intensity” part of the training plan).

This workout combines cardio and resistance work into a single session. Some moves target specific muscle groups; others work the entire body.

Do each of the 12 exercises for 30 seconds, which should be enough time to complete between 15 and 20 repetitions, the optimal amount. Take a 10-second break as you transition from one exercise to the next, but no longer so that you don’t lose the benefits of the high-intensity technique.

7-Minute Circuit Exercises

  • 1. Jumping jacks to benefit your entire body
  • 2. Wall sits to target your lower body
  • 3. Push-ups to target your upper body
  • 4. Abdominal crunches to target your core
  • 5. Step-ups to benefit your entire body
  • 6. Squats to target your lower body
  • 7. Triceps dips to target your upper body
  • 8. Planks to target your core
  • 9. Running in place to benefit your entire body
  • 10. Lunges to target your lower body
  • 11. Push-ups to target your upper body
  • 12. Side planks to target your core

Note: The precise order of these exercises was done so that opposing muscle groups alternate between rest and work.

It’s fine to do the circuit just once, but you can also repeat it up to three times. Since you use your own bodyweight for the resistance training, you can do it just about anywhere and get great benefits.

More information

Read more about the 7-minute workout in the Health & Fitness Journal report, complete with how-to photos.

Source: HealthDay

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