One of the best ways to give a room a makeover is to add some personal touches, a new lamp or some new picture frames.  If that just won’t cut it, think bigger and outside the box.  How about changing the color of your walls?  Painting and wallpaper are certainly a way to go but on the more permanent level.  What I recently came across is removable wallpaper.  Cool huh? 

Sherwin Williams has what they call “Easy Change” wallpaper.  Its non-woven wallpaper that is environmentally friendly non vinyl, it doesn’t contract or expand like other papers and it is fully washable.  The best part though, is the fact that it can be removed by just pulling it off of the wall- with no tools or chemicals!  Hello, how fab is that?

Another option to spruce up a room is vinyl wall art.  The cool idea behind these is that you can literally put them up on a wall and then take them right down!  The accent of a fleur de lis, circles or flowers is the ultimate accent to change the overall theme of a room. 

Some of the better websites I found are:

Sherwin Williams

Dezign With a Z


So tell me, what do you do when you get the urge to redecorate?

-Jessica Brown

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