Steve Jobs may have retired, but that hasn’t stopped the popularity of Mac products or our ever-growing daily need for our iPads.

When I first got mine, I remember thinking, when am I ever going to use this. And of course now, I can’t live without it.  And every time I look over at my passenger seat, there it sits.  But my practical encase case has grown a little weary.  There’s nothing too exciting about black and functional.

As the iPad evolves so do the cases to protect it.  And just like phone cases they’ve gone from functional—there are the cases that help prop up your iPad on the airplane or in bed—to stylish.  Sometimes they are a little of both.  

Here are a few that are not a sight for sore eyes:

Quincy just launched a new line of iPad cases they claim you “won’t be embarrassed to carry.”  The eggplant color is great for fall. 

You may have seen THIS ONE out and about already, but it doesn’t make it any less appealing.  It will run you a little more than the cases you find at Best Buy, but if you have the scratch, then why not splurge?

If you don’t feel like spending your rent money to protect your iPad, Target has a few good choices, especially with all their designer collaborations as of late. Check out this brown leather Missoni case.

Either way you go, you and your iPad can be fashionable for fall.

-Arianna Schioldager

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