pinkrazorMy oldest son is getting to the age when boys begin to turn into men. The other day he came home from school and told me a couple girls that have a crush on him were telling him he has a mustache. I looked closely at his face and he does– a little peach fuzz but on the darker side, a permanent five o’clock shadow. I was a bit curious as to whether his father has talked to him about shaving and aalll of the other things that I assume most father’s talk to their sons about. But when he said they haven’t talked about anything of the sort, I knew what I had to do.

That day after school when the other children weren’t home yet, I made the executive decision to sit down with my son and have a heart to heart with him about all of the things a man has to keep up with to maintain his clean metro style, if you will. He is the sweetest little thing, he was kind of embarrassed so I made sure to lighten everything up with humor as always; he thinks I am a goofball but he loves it.

After we talked I told him I was going to teach him how to take care of his little upper lip shadow. We went into my bathroom with the sink long mirror and I busted out the shaving cream and razors. He was laughing at me like I was a crazy person, but I told him this is part of growing up and it looks like I am going to be the one to teach you! I had him lather his face up with face wash and wash it with the hottest water he could stand, rinse and then I put shaving cream on him. I was thinking all of this through before we actually went on with the process– I figured what better way to teach my son to shave than to do it with him. I also put shaving cream on my upper lip and got out my Daisy razor (but kept the lid on it!) and showed him how it works. We actually had fun doing this together. He was laughing because he doesn’t know any other moms that would stand in the mirror with their son and pretend to shave her face while they do it too. Afterwards he was so happy he had me take pictures of his spruced up face and send them to my friend in Florida. I am thankful I took the initiative to teach him this minor little lesson, pink razors and all!

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