Every lassie needs a good party outfit—or five. There are so many parties to attend, including the ever looming, what am I going to wear, NYE party.  But you don’t have to fret that you don’t have enough dresses in your closet to keep up with the influx of invites. Gone are the lavish, I can only wear this once, days. We dress smarter and buy outfits that can easily rotate from one block party to the next office party.

Here are four pieces that can be easily interchanged and rotated with each other. Think of them like Legos—you can snap one piece to any other. Plus we threw in one outrageous dress for New Year’s, because hey, it’s only going to be 2013 once.

A girly but basic skirt that can be festively adorned (must add statement necklace),

A statement pair of pants, that are also unnoticeably re-wearable.  Muted color but cut incredibly well.

A sheer white top with gold trimmings is seasonally on target, and can be paired with skirts and pants alike.

An over-sized but fitted sweater, with stitches of color. You can wear with the pants or the skirt already. Just add a sexy heel.

Pair these with items you already have, like a black blazer, tights, black boots, statement jewelry. Mix and match outfits in front of the mirror when you aren’t bound by the pressure of an event. Sometimes we are our most creative, and make the best outfits when we have no where to go. Then make a note of it, and at first sign of party, you have plenty of outfits all ready.

And because you deserve to make a splash: turn all heads in this number. You may even turn back time, much to the chagrin of your fellow horn blowing compatriots.

-Arianna Schioldager


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