Every girl needs the perfect clutch, and after years of looking I have finally found a designer that makes them exactly to suit my needs.  Who is this clutch purse guru you ask?  It would be Lauren Merkin of course!  Lauren Merkin literally makes clutches that are perfect for the women of today.  There are 11 styles of clutches (all available on her website along with the rest of the collection that includes totes and handbags), and with all of the shapes and colors, you could be drooling over the right one for hours!  The classic styles are the Louise and the Eve– both of which I have and my new favorites would be the Diana and especially Ava.  With its zipper edge and detailing the Ava is the hottest accessory of the season!  Prices range from $180 to $400.

There are literally hundreds of color options to choose from, so my advice to you would be to pick up your laptop, head into your closet and decide which would be best for you!


                                                                                                                                       P.S. check out www.cusp.com, that is where I find mine on sale!

Jessica Brown

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