Dressing a Thanksgiving table is equally as important as properly dressing your Thanksgiving bird.  Families flock together over this upcoming holiday and decking your table out in the finest fripperies makes the gathering that much more special.

The best way to get started is at the bottom. Literally, what kind of tablecloth should you use?  White tablecloths are traditional for formal meals, but there are no rules that you have to follow.  Just keep in mind that Thanksgiving tables tend to be rather plump with food and other adornments, so a patterned cloth can make your table look kitschy or cluttered.  If you’re setting is going to be simple, then choose something a tad more exciting. 

Also, quick tip/reminder, it’s important to protect your table. During the holidays, the more the merrier, but things tend to get spilt and glasses can leave unsightly rings on wood. Lay down a heatproof protective table pad for an extra layer of protection. 

Once you have your tablecloth picked out and laid down, here’s where the fun kicks in: flowers, adornments, place cards, cornucopia centerpieces and beyond!

Place cards: for large family gatherings, they are key. They help you avoid an awkward game of musical chairs.  For a unique and more rustic approach, run kraft paper down the center as a runner, and hand write every guests name directly on the paper.

Flowers: traditional Thanksgiving colors provide a perfect palate to pick from. Reds, oranges, and other warm/deep fall colors create a warm ambiance and feel. If you chose to continue with the more rustic theme, mason jars are great for vases.

Any way you chose to decorate will impress, but it shows if you take the extra time and care.  Everyone will surely be thankful for your thoughtful table.

-Arianna Schioldager

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