You know when you find money or gift certificates in jacket pockets or stored purses? Nothing better than what feels like money for free.

Same goes for the unintentional workout, many of which are activities we all do on a daily basis.

All the prep you do to indulge? 30 minutes of slicing and dicing food prep can burn between approximately 75 and 110 calories. Nothing crazy but hey, at least you’ll burn off a bite of pie.

Folding laundry, work up a sweat so you have to do even more. 30 minutes, 75 calories.

A sink full of dirty dishes have you down? Skip the dishwasher and bust out the rubber gloves. Just 30 minutes of scrub-a-dubbing can burn 150 plus calories. Heck, invite the whole neighborhood over for dinner. Next week they’ll be jealous of your sculpted arms.

The blow out. Hair stylists have the best arms and many of them don’t work them out. Why? Holding up that hair dryer for 30 minutes (not to mention blowing it out with a round brush) burns 100 calories.  Sorry ladies with naturally straight locks, curly-headed lasses win this round.

Vacuuming is not only a great stress reliever, but you will burn about 100 calories in 1 hour. It also gets your heart rate up, and everything is so clean afterward. Bonus calories for vacuuming stubborn dog hair out of couch cushions.

You’ve heard of a bench press, but what about an iron press? 30 minutes of ironing burns about 75 calories.

Jealous of your neighbor’s sit-down lawn mower? You shouldn’t be. Just one hour of mowing your grass can burn upwards of 320 calories. Plus you are getting much Vitamin K while you’re at it. Make sure someone has a tall glass of water waiting for you.

And a personal favorite, you burn 360 calories with 8 hours of shut-eye. That’s some good sleep.

-Arianna Schioldager

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