I am browsing the internet for my next purchase right now. I just decided it’s time for a summer purse.

Since my wardrobe is 80% black, I am extremely excited for a non-black purse for this season. I adore raffia and straw clutches for summer. Take a step away from your safe bet of leather, and venture into something totally summer appropriate. I love J. Crew all the time, but this one has a bow (my favorite) and comes in a cerise white plaid. The clutch from J. Crew is only $48. I also love the orange clutch from ShopBop- the bright orange plus the wooden accent make a charming and bold statement without being obnoxious. Gap has an equally cheap tote that is perfect for my weekend trips to the beach. The tote is only $39.50 and comes in purple stripes or black stripes. I love the black one.

 Neutrals are also great for summer- white, tans, creams, browns, etc. IF you go this route, pick something with some interesting details like this Big Buddha Shoulder Bag here or Lucky Brand’s Abbey Road.  Get shopping right away.

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