There’s no denying it: spaces for rent get smaller and more expensive—a rather incongruous trend that sadly, doesn’t always lend itself to elegant dinner parties or expansive layouts.

It can be frustrating, because while the housing and rental market is not in favor of the average Joe, our tastes don’t always feel average.  If your space is small, you may find yourself asking some common questions.

Where do I find space for storage?

How do I host friends and family?

What about all my shoes?!

I can’t find the pantry, where do I stash all my emergency-heart-break candy?


Multi-purpose Furniture

Just like a good double entendre, a piece of furniture that has two meanings, is all the more enjoyable.   A large table can be used as a desk.  Large black wire bins stylishly store files — and make it easy to move them elsewhere when you have company.

Like this doozy from CB2.  Need a desk for work, a bar for entertaining, and storage for papers? Even they refer to it as the all-in-one.


Moving on Up

All space is usable space.  Floor-to-ceiling bookcases not only create a feeling of grandeur and are aesthetically pleasing, but they also make use of all space.  Stack collectables, and use for storage.  Bookshelves are not just for books anymore.


Match furniture to Walls

This helps create the illusion of space.  If you paint dining chairs, or otherwise, to match the walls, they disappear into them and open up the room.


When in doubt, Nest

No empty nesters here.  Try tables like this pair. Create table space when you need it, and tuck them away when you don’t.  Bonus on the smaller tables bottom shelf!



Prioritize what you need.  Minimalize all that “stuff” and keep what you love.


Who said bigger is better?

-Arianna Schioldager

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