Perhaps one of the most memorable and recognizable tap numbers is Gene Kelly’s Singin’ in the Rain. What little girl didn’t whistle the tune as they tapped about their bedroom?  It might have even inspired a few of us to convince our doting mothers to send our little cabooses off to a tap class or two.  Ballet inspired garb stole front stage for a bit, especially after movies like Center Stage and Black Swan, but forget wrap sweaters and ethereal outfits for a minute, and recognize how awesome tap outfits are.

Sometimes a girl needs to throw on some tap inspired shoes, a pair of high-waist shorts, bobby socks, and maybe a few sparkles.

The below will help you get started, and if you find yourself on 42nd street, well that’s a bonus.

Let’s start at the bottom. Shoes. You don’t need to be your own percussionist, but there’s a good reason American Apparel calls this the Women’s Dancing Shoe.

If you really want to get into the spirit, try it in glitter.

Socks.  Even if you aren’t into something with a cute little ruffle, go a little naughty with this Fishnet Sock.

Or if you want to maintain your ankle innocence, try a simple bobby sock.

Tap shorts. Here’s where the fun starts. You want them with a high-waist.  But from there, the short’s ocean is your oyster.

Nautical: Good Ship Lollipop has nothing on these Striped Nautical Shorts Sequins: You might be asking for trouble in this pair of Sequin Hotpant Shorts

Lace: Channel your good girl in these Lace Shorts w/ Belt

This Short Sleeve Lace Trim Collar Blouse screams tap starlet.

Top it off with a bow, and you can do the Gene Kelly all the way home (minus the rain, umbrella, and suit of course!).


-Arianna Schioldager


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