ws-article-skinnyjeans#1 Skinny Corduroy Pants: No longer of the bell bottom 1970’s variety, corduroy pants come in fitted styles made by all the hottest jeans companies. I especially like the James Jeans pair I saw at Piperlime. They come in all sorts of colors, and it’s important to keep in mind that while you may own lots of black t-shirts and love black, there is such a thing as overkill. Black cords don’t go with black tops. Try to buy a variety of shades.

#2 Lace-up Boots: These also sound somewhat tacky, but I promise they’re cute. These boots are not like your typical work boots. Some are military inspired, but they have feminine touches like heels and heights. These new lace-up boots come in all different heights- ankle, knee, calf- ones with heels, ones without heels, closed toed, open toed, platform, etc. They’re mostly brown or black leather, but some are suede as well.

#3 Wide Leg Jeans: These are best worn with clogs (which I find hideous, so don’t) or wedges (highly preferable). These scream bohemian and can be worn with flowy shirts, belts, etc.

#4 Saddle Bag Purses: Brown shoulder bags, just like the ones on horse saddles, are back in style again.

#5 Don’t worry. Skinny jeans, jeggings, fitted flannel, leather wrap bracelets, and nude heels are not disappearing. Keep these in your closet!

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