My husband is an avid fisherman. In fact as a family we often take fishing trips together. It is a fun, and mostly a free way for us to spend our weekends. The only problem, is that sometimes my younger kids get bummed out because they aren’t catching as many fish as daddy. Fishing is definitely a patience game, and kids can absolutely struggle with that. This is why I always bring a big bucket (or two) along for the ride for the kids to tub fish. Fill your buckets with water, and then toss in magnets. I like to use number and letter magnets just for that sneaky educational factor. But any magnets will work really. My kids have some inexpensive fishing poles from Walmart that cost about ten dollars. While they don’t do a great job for actual fishing, it works well for tub fishing. I just remove the rubber toy at the end of their fishing line and attach another magnet. You could also attach a metal washer. Then all you have to do is sit back and watch the kids fish. We like to have little competitions. When using the letter magnets the first one to spell a word wins. Great way for them to pass the time and feel like they are catching fish without getting discouraged.

Originally we did this at home in our bath tubs to beat a rainy summer afternoon. We just filled the tub and added the magnets and other various fishlike toys. For an extra ounce of fun add a few drops of blue food coloring to make sea water.

If you don’t have a fishing pole for your kids, no need to run out and buy one. You can make your own with a long stick and some string! Personally I think the home made poles add a special fun element to the whole game. Happy fishing!

-Stephanie Wright

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