Five blank photographs hanging on a clothesline over bricl wallHaving photos of our family and friends in our home is a great way to feel close to those who may be far away. For us, living on the other side of the country from our family often times leads to a bit of homesickness, so having their smiling faces displayed prominently in our living room makes us happy on the daily.
While we always love a great shelf with lots of picture frames, there are some other unique and fun ways to display your photos. Mixing it up can create a fun environment to come home to everyday, and we love anything that is a bit outside of the box.
First up, the clothesline. This is one of our favorites and we think it would look awesome in a kids room, bathroom, or even somewhere in the family room if you can make it work. For our clothesline, we would use a natural hemp rope, secured to the wall with small nails, or if you want to get crazy with it, screw some drawer knobs to the wall and tie the rope around them. Instead of using large clothespins, we’d opt for mini clothes pins and give them a coat of gold paint to make them sparkle. Then just attach your pictures to the line.
Next, the door turned photo display. This is definitely best used for a large wall in a country or shabby chic home, however, if you can make it work with your decor, we’re not here to stop you. We love that this blogger took it a step further and made this the coat hanger in their entry way.
Finally, a modern mobile using a ladder. Before you run screaming, hear us out. Apartment Therapy (one of our favorite design blogs) introduced us to this idea, and we think it’s kind of amazing. While the example they used is from a wedding, we think this would look awesome year round. They suggest replacing everything with exposed light bulbs, but we say leave the black and white photos, and only replace the x’s and o’s with lighting.
What are some fun ways you like to display photos in your home? Leave a link to your idea or just tell us your personal style in the comments below.
-Sasha Huff

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