Every year we spend a lot of money on fabulous gifts for our loved ones, only to be faced with the same dilemma. How should we wrap it? We all want professional looking results without spending a lot of money, when people just throw the wrap away. That’s why I like the classic gift bag. With a few personal touches, the gift bag can go from very boring to quite stunning!

First, pick the colors you would like to use, but try to use plain colors and not holiday themed bags. I find that gift bags are a little more eco-friendly than wrapping paper, as people have a tendency to reuse them for a variety of reasons. Sticking to plain bags allows people the ability to use them again for whatever they want.

You will need two of them, one for a gift bag and one for the tissue paper. This year I chose a metallic theme, gold and silver gift bags with gold and silver tissue paper. Wrap up your in tissue paper before, then place in the bag. This will make the bag a little fuller and look a little nicer. Then place a sheet or two of tissue paper on top, arrange to your liking.

When you shop for your wrap, pick up some holiday ornaments as well. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors and some even come in sets of four and six for economical purposes. I chose to use white snowflakes for my bags this year. Tie an ornament onto one of the loops of the bag, closest to the bag.

Easy right? The result is fun, high-end looking gift that people will look twice at. You will even impress yourself!


-Jana Gersten

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