Heading through the aisles at the store it is easy to see that Valentine’s Day is completely geared towards little girls. Planning my gifts for my kids has become quite the challenge. There is no shortage of ideas of what to get for my daughter. She loves pink, hearts, sparkles, everything valentines. My sons on the other hand roll their cute little eyes at the mention of love, hearts, or anything like it.

Lets think about it though, who says the holiday of love has to be so, well, girly? With an ounce of creativity you can come up with a card, small gift, or whatever your tradition is that will be sufficient for the little men in your lives. The point is to show your love ones how much you care right?

Valentine’s Day is pretty well known for its word play, and use of puns. Use this as your guide when making a boy valentine. For example, a small airplane with a card that says, “you’re plane awesome.” A small car with a card stating, “you’re wheelie cool.”

I am also a huge fan of the idea of love bugs. At my local dollar store we came across some fantastic small plastic bug toys. Something my boys would adore for sure! All we have to do is place them in a bag and call them love bugs.

You can skip the whole mushy factor of the holiday just by quoting their favorite movie or show. What little boy wouldn’t get a kick out of a card that says, “May the force be with you this Valentine’s Day”?

I know it feels like an impossible task, but hopefully I have sparked your creativity just enough to get your little man a valentine that he will appreciate.

-Stephanie Wright

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