Last weekend I went to Las Vegas for my friend’s 22nd birthday and let me tell you, “Viva Las Vegas!” is still the word of this booming oasis!

With new resorts, casinos, nightclubs, and top-notch entertainment shows persistently appearing, what many class as the most spectacular city in the world has grown exponentially since its birth in the early 20th century. Las Vegas is home to nineteen of the world’s twenty-five largest hotels. The hotels’ grand ballrooms, sky-high chandeliers, panoramic views, bustling casinos, nocturnal nightclubs, and world-class shops attract thirty-seven million tourists each year. The best part about Vegas is that no two hotels are the same. Walking down the Las Vegas strip is like exploring four different cities and going back in time to Arthurian and ancient Egyptian periods. The glow of glittering city lights is infinite, so throw away your watches!

No matter which hotel you are staying in, make sure to take time to explore others. The foyer’s, casinos, and shops are anything but modest. To give you a brief idea of what to expect:

Caesar’s Palace fits its name; you might as well wear a toga to this hotel. Make sure to check out its Garden of the God’s Pool. You do not want to miss out on its spacious, luxurious and stately collection of watering holes, decadent cabanas, and palatial sunbathing spots.

The Palazzo welcomes you with oversized tropical flowers that make you feel like you are in the story of Alice and Wonderland. The brunch at the Morales French Steakhouse and Bistro is delicious! Try their gruyere and ham crepe or smoked salmon omelet made with organic eggs!

Walk into New York New York hotel  and you may forget you are in Las Vegas. The inside of the hotel and casino are designed to look like the streets of Manhattan. And they sure do! The cherry on top, ride the rollercoaster that zooms on top and even through the hotel. Just don’t forget to empty your pockets! The roller coaster lifts you up 203 feet and then drops you down 144 feet and leaves you coasting at 67 mph. This Las Vegas ride experience simulates a jet fighter’s barrel roll while taking you on the famous “heartline” twist!

A few tips for a Vegas vacation. Book shows in advanced, they’re hot and tickets go quickly. If you want to check out Las Vegas’ hot night clubs make sure you get to the door early or on a guest list so you don’t have to wait too long in line. Some of the clubs require that there are more females than males in a party or at least an even amount of the two, so make sure to do your research. The daytime pool parties can be more fun than after dark ones. I had a blast at the Palms’ Ghostbar Daybar party. Lastly, save up beforehand! Even the most conservative spenders seem to spend more money than they expected. There is so much to do in Vegas that budgeting can be difficult. Make sure you are careful about how many of those complimentary drinks you have while gambling!!

-Emily Freeman

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