Turtlenecks aren’t the typical go-to for a girls-night-out. In fact, most of us would rather hibernate than throw on such a constricting get-up. Ever since the word hemline entered the fashion vernacular in the 1930s, we ladies have been taking advantage of showing off, rather than covering up.  And turtlenecks are not part of that repertoire.

But there are a few occasions and frosty-temperatured nights, where a turtleneck could be just what Mother Nature and Mother Fashion order.

Here are few important tips for wearing a turtleneck that are sure to flatter your face and body.

Fabric is a key component.  Cotton turtlenecks that wore under ski clothes in the 80s are a no-go.  Slim knits are flattering, and anything that is a little chunkier textured looks great on petite ladies or those will small-busts.

Fit and fall are vitally important as well.  The thicker the knit, the higher the hem should hit.  If you’re wearing something on the thicker side, make sure it hits above your hips to avoid looking bulky.

Know your neck and know your bust.  If you have a short neck, a solid color is best. A slouchier, draped-neck also helps create a longer line. If you have a longer neck or a small bust, a dramatic, oversized neck will create good lines. A classic turtleneck is good for long or short necks, but bad business for big busts.

Accessorize properly. If your face is wide or the rounder side, make sure to pull your hair up into a ponytail.  If your hair is hiding your jaw line and your neck is covered up, even the highest-cheekboned ladies will have some trouble.  A long pair of earrings can also help elongate your face shape. If you’re shorter, wearing dark jeans will help elongate the overall look.

 –Arianna Schioldager

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