When the weekend comes, so many of us just want to strip off the button-down, throw on sweat pants, and not think about getting dressed. But why not use your weekends to their utmost potential!

The J.Crewer

Mix it up a little. Take Jenna Lyon’s and blend with west coast sensibilities. All you need is a fitted pair of high-waist jeans, a chambray shirt, a pullover sweater, and booties. Through in a military jacket for good measure. You get a peek of the jean-on-jean trend that keeps kicking around. You can take this look to the market, to breakfast, to the park. Really, it works anywhere, and it’s one “uniform” type outfit that still oozes chicness.

The Farmers Marketer

Sick of just looking at cute outfits of girls holding bushels of freshly cut flowers? Well you can be one. This is one of the best weekend outfits, because it requires little attention. Start with a short floral dress in autumnal colors, a long cardigan, the perfect tan leather jacket, tights and knee-high, flat leather boots. Toss in a cute tote/catch-all and you’ll pick up more than fresh produce.


The Three-Hour Bruncher

Brunch is made for relaxing, and the best things to go with Belinni’s are girlfriends. so you’ll want to step up your game a little bit here. Girls like to show off to girls. Think a fitted midi (it’s the new maxi) dress, a blazer in a deep, rich color, a long statement necklace, booties again, and a champagne glass.

The Apple Picker

Because vacations are fewer and farther between for most, the weekend day-trip doesn’t need a suitcase, just one smashing outfit. Overalls are not out of the question, but let one strap loose and wear a loose fitting cropped sweater, cuff your hems, and some Chelsea ankle boots.

-Arianna Schioldager

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