Some of us have a tendency to avoid fancier markets because of the fancier pricing. And if you are trying scrimp and save in all the places that matter—like at the market—the check out line at Whole Foods can be a little intimidating.

Enter, The Whole Deal, a value guide from organic marketer Whole Foods that offers a bounty of savings. They want to make sure that everyone has the option to fall in love with organic.

The guide is packed with more than fifty dollars in savings. You don’t even have to set foot in the store, but you can print them out right online. They offer savings on healthy staples like soy milk and organic cereal. They even offer a dollar off a Whole Foods Freshly Baked Apple Pie. Not a bad second to home baked.

Sure deals don’t require any work on your end. They are savings Whole Foods is offering through October 31st and include every day products like Oatmeal and Cheese—even a bottle of wine for those who care to imbibe.

They also offer Budget-Friendly Recipes for items they have on sale. For instance, one of the Sure Deals includes flax seeds. Maybe you don’t know what to do with flax seeds, but they’ve got something to help you out.

Included in their Whole Deal are money-saving tips. Some them are known tricks, like turning leftovers into sandwiches, but they also offer tips like buying lesser-known cuts of meat that you can also freeze in small portions for late.

And remember, veggies are some of the cheapest and healthiest foods out there! You don’t have to spend all your pretty pennies to eat healthy and organic.

Learn the tricks and the ropes and never be scared of the check out line again.

-Arianna Schioldager

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