slutty-costumesThe title says it all……if you’re like me and prefer to keep your wobbly bits (thanks Bridgette Jones) covered up, and not pull a Britney on your way out of the limo, you should know that NON-slutty women’s costumes do exist!  I know, I know….you may live in a city like L.A. where its a prerequisite for every girl and their mother to be dressed (or not that dressed) in a costume beginning with the word “Slutty.” Look, I was in college too, and it was cute at 20 to be a slutty school girl, a slutty police officer, a slutty girl scout……cute, but at some point it’s time to hang up the knee highs and choose something a bit more becoming of a women your stature………ah SCREW IT! I have my eye on the sexy paramedic costume anyway!

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