As a parent it’s practically a given that you are going to be tired. Raising kids is hard work. Especially when they are younger, although I hear it is just as hard once they reach those teenage years. Don’t reach for that extra cup of coffee just yet though. Caffeine can stay in your body for up to eight hours, so that cup of joe you drank at six to help you get through the night is actually going to still be in your system at 2 am. This will give you less restful sleep and making you more tired tomorrow. Of course that means you will need that extra cup of coffee tomorrow too. Vicious cycle.

Instead of that caffeine jolt try taking a brisk walk. Exercise can boost your blood flow, your brain function, and put you in a better mood. Plus you burn calories. Need I say more? Try to keep your caffeine consumption before lunch, and opt for a power walk in the afternoon and you might just start sleeping better, and you will feel more energetic through the day. Sodas may also be contributing to your exhaustion.

In addition to the caffeine issues, taking in huge bursts of sugar can cause a crash that will leave you more tired than you were before you had that pop. One last tip to get you well rested, give yourself a bed time and stick to it. Even if it is earlier than when you sold normally go to bed, go through the motions and settle in. Giving yourself the extra down time may help you settle into the sleep cycle more easily. Put down your smart phones, and just relax. My favorite before bedtime activity is taking a bath, nothing relaxes me more than that. Now you will just have to get your baby to sleep through the night.

-Stephanie Wright


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