When a state garners nicknames like, “Big Sky Country,” and “The Last Best Place,” it’s high time you take a visit. Montana’s mountains and skies await.

Montana is a huge state, and is quite a long, long day’s drive from one end to the other.  On this particular trip you’ll want to fly into Bozeman (renowned for its winter outdoor recreation), in the southwest part of the state. Rent a car at the airport.

Spend the night at Bridger Canyon, at the Howler’s Inn that doubles as a wolf sanctuary. Make friends with the mountains and the howlers.

In the morning, snowmobile up Bracket Creek, (or if you’re experienced commit to the 123-mile Big Sky Snowmobile Trail).

Nest, it’s about a 1-hour drive from Bozeman to West Yellowstone. You can drive through the panoramic Gallatin National Forest on US- 191.

No trip to Montana is complete with out a jaunt through the Yellowstone National Park, where you can take a snow coach interpretive tour (many depart from Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel) through the park, and witness bison wintering in Yellowstone. You can stay in the park at the Hot Springs Hotel as well, with unobstructed views of snow-capped mountains.

In the morning (or the next day if you want to allot time for skiing) drive to the historic Chico Hot Spring Resort, so you can experience the Montana landscape via Absaroka Dog Sled Treks.

For your last meal, just about 35 miles from the Hot Springs, you can experience dinner on Lone Mountain through The Montana Dinner Yurt. Sledding and bonfire included. Spend the night, and in the morning, it’ll be about time to head back to Bozeman. You may miss Glacier National Park on this trip, but next time you can fly into Missoula and experience the northern part of the state.


-Arianna Schioldager

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