This valentines day I plan to be a little sappy with my family. Normally I’m the heart pancake, pink milk, and candy kind of mom, but I’m getting the itch to add a little pizzazz to out celebrations. I’m not sure why, but perhaps it’s because of some noble desire I have to make sure my kids understand that love is not just about chocolate and cards.

I’m trying, yet again, to drive home the message that life is not about stuff. So this year I have something more mushy planned.

Something I hope my kids will appreciate now, and really love and respect once they are older and have kids of their own. I plan to write them each a letter. In the letter I will include things that ingest them. Things they do that make me laugh, as well as things they do that make me cry. I will write about all the things that make me proud to be their parent.

Once they read their letters, I will put them into their respective scrap books. Then, any time they need a
little love boost, and a hug just won’t do, we have the option to go and read about how much mommy loves them. With any luck, I will get my husband to write one too for all the same reasons. It is my plan to write one of these sap fests
each year for valentines day.

We grown ups all know that it is just another day, made for card companies and chocolate makers, but our kids do not. Over the years they will want to be loved on this day and it’s my job to make sure that happens. At least until they figure things out a little more. And in the mean time, I’ll probably give them some candy too. And pink milk. And all their various meals will contain heart shaped somethings. It’s just how I roll.

-Stephanie Wright

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