We recently had the opportunity to attend a free class at our local My Gym.  It was an exciting afternoon for sure.  Teachers were engaged with the kids, and the games not too complicated, nor overly easy.  My kids preferred the unstructured portion of the class, actually it seemed that most the kids did.  

My Gym is great practice for later in life to have the kids follow directions from someone other than mom or dad.  This would be a great addition to pre-school and kindergarten, or a great activity for home schooled kids.  Think recess with structured games.  The facility was good and clean, which is huge for our germ-phobic family.  One of the greatest benefits is that this seeming innocent class can foster a love for gymnastics or karate in your kids. 

The gym essentially grows with the kids, toddlers through grade-school aged kids.  I love anything that makes fitness fun, for me and the kids.  The My Gym class we attended had me involved with the kids, not at all necessary for my 4 and half year old, but essential for our 18 month boy.  Over all this was a blast, and I highly recommend checking out a free demonstration class if you are in the market for a weekly activity for you and your kids.

For more information or to find the location nearest you, visit http://www.my-gym.com.

-Stephanie Wright

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