Healthy lifestyleNooo, Summer, don’t leave us! Not just yet… If you’re already mourning the impending loss of summer just like I am, here are 10 fresh and delicious recipes you’ve just gotta try before the last of the fresh summer produce disappears.

Zucchini Bread Whoopie Pies – Haven’t thought of using zucchini in dessert before? Well use up all that last of the summer zucchini with this delicious (and adorable!) whoopie pie recipe. With a cream cheese filling, it’s really tough to go wrong with these.

Mixed Berry Salad with Mint – It really doesn’t get any more simple or summery than this mouthwatering salad featuring the juicy flavors of various berries and refreshing mint. It would be the perfect accompaniment to an outdoor dinner while the sun sets.

Crab Cake Sliders with Dill Caper Cream – Something about crab cakes just screams New England summer. And pairing crunchy, savory crab cakes with a cool and creamy dill sauce just screams yum!

Tomato, Peach & Burrata Salad – I’ll be honest – tomatoes and peaches, I will miss you guys the most. Combined with my favorite cheese of all – the rich and creamy burrata all drizzled with some tangy high-quality balsamic vinegar makes for the most delicious mouthful of summer you’ll ever  have.

Strawberry Angel Cake in a Jar – Because everything in a little jar just tastes better, right? Light as air angel cake and fresh strawberries and some whipped cream make the ultimate summer dessert on the go.

Squash Blossom Quesadillas – These delicate and lovely vegetables are so fleeting, and only here for a short time each summer. Make good use of the last of them with this awesome quesadilla recipe.

Charred Corn Salad with Basil and Tomatoes – Don’t put that grill away just yet. Fresh ears of corn can make one last appearance this summer as the star of this lovely salad comprised of summer’s best produce.

Watermelon Basil Salad – As one of THE fruits of the summer, watermelon will be sorely missed. There’s nothing quite so refreshing as biting in a sweet and juicy watermelon, and when paired with basil (and maybe even a little feta), this fruit gets taken to a whole new level.

Balsamic Fig Jam – Make summer last all yearlong by preserving those ripe figs into a jam. Genius!

Peach Tart – This classic dessert makes use out of all those just-on-their-way-out summer peaches. Add a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top for a perfect sendoff to our favorite season!

Esther Carlstone


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