As a former 9 to 5er, I understand how hard it can be to always keep healthy snack options at the ready. More often than not I’ve found myself digging through my cubical-mate’s candy jar, or even worse, ending up at the dreaded snack machine. Can you say Cup-O-Noodle for lunch? I’ve done it more times than I can count.

The only way that I’ve found myself eating well between meals is when I truly plan out healthy snacks before my weekly market trip.

The key to making sure you shop smart, is to have a list with the ingredients you need. Don’t wait until you get to the store to decide, planning in advance will guarantee that you pick up everything you need, and stay away from things you don’t.

To get you kick started on a healthy snack plan, here are 10 that we feel are truly awesome.

1) Apple and peanut butter – Pack yourself a fresh apple, or take a minute in the morning to cut it into quarters. You can purchase a separate jar of peanut butter that you leave at work, or quickly scoop a couple of table spoons into a small Tupperware container.

2) Hummus and carrots – Packed with a nice amount of protein and some delicious vitamin C, this snack will keep you full in between meals.

3) Almonds – You can’t go wrong with a handful (or more, whatever, just go for it) of almonds. If you aren’t a huge fan, sprinkle some garlic salt, paprika and pepper to give it a little kick.

4) Pistachios – While we are on the subject of nuts, one of our favorites are pistachios. We’re kind of obsessed with the salt and pepper flavor by Everybody’s Nuts. If you haven’t had them, go right now and get them.

5) Hard Boiled Egg – Quick to make, and add some salt and pepper.

6) Avocado – Bring a whole avocado with a knife (if you’re allowed!) and add some flavored salt on top. Or perhaps just a squeeze of lemon and some pepper.

7) Tabbouleh – This delicious dish with some pita chips is a healthy snack that will satisfy those taste buds!

8) Greek yogurt – Add in a few almonds and a drizzle of honey and this protein packed snack will keep you full until dinner.

9) Popcorn – A small bag of popcorn (sans movie theater butter!) is a healthy and light snack enjoyed by all.

10) Trail mix – Make your own with a mix of almonds, raisins, sunflower seeds and yogurt chips.

Happy snacking!

-Sasha Huff


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