Flouted as a company that could potentially give Lulu Lemon a run (or a downward dog) for their money, Ellie is the newest craze in stylin’ fitness duds. According to Mashable, Ellie co-founder Marcus Greink has said: “Lululemon is regarded as the pinnacle but it’s also a luxury that many can’t afford. That’s why we realized there’s truly no one in the market at the middle ground of $30 to $70.” We couldn’t agree more. Ellie is well within our budget and style.

Like most things these days, you have to be a member to join (remember when the thing you only had was a library card?), but signing up is easy.  All you need to do is fill out a Fitness Style Quiz.

First things first: They want to know your favorite way to stay in shape. They give you four options: I love to run, I love the gym, I love yoga, I love being comfy. This was the most difficult part of the entire site. Personally, I don’t love to run. Outdoors, indoors, into doors—if I can avoid it, I will. First one crossed off the list. Now, I have a gym membership, I do yoga, and I love being comfy (obviously, what a silly question), but I don’t want to work out in comfy gear, I want the most durable gear out there. OK. I love the gym. It’s a total lie, not even a white one, but fine. I’ll work with it.

Next. They want to know what styles you like– they let you pick multiples. Then you’re in. They show you 4 styles they think you’ll like, but then give you the option to shop the entire February Collection, which is full of cute but functional options.

You can join the FFC (Fit Fashionista Club) and you’ll get any combo of two pieces a month for $49.95. Two pants, two tops, mix and match—totally customizable. If you go through workout gear like some of us go through pints of ice cream, this is a truly great score. For example, just one pair of Capri’s cost $44.95.

It’s time you got your yoga but into something more affordable and attainable for the masses. I mean really, we complain about the cost of designer jeans. Should the spandex pants you sweat to the oldies in really cost just as much?

–Arianna Schioldager


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