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Breakups are the absolute worst. Whether you’re the person initiating the split or you didn’t see it coming, it hurts to have to end things with someone you love. Or even like. Even if you’re angry and “over” the relationship, the breakup is still enough to leave your heart heavy and your head full of the most random thoughts and memories you would like nothing more to forget. The process of getting over someone is just so time-consuming and emotionally draining, we figured you may need some help jumpstarting it. Here are 10 great ways to get out of that breakup funk and find some peace again.

  1. Grab Your Friends
    When was the last time you just hung out with your girlfriends? They’ve probably been missing you tremendously since you got involved with your boo, and whether they liked him/her or not, your friends hate to see you with a broken heart. So accept their invite to lunch or the movies for once. Get out of the house and have some fun with your girls.
  2. Hit the Mall
    Don’t go crazy with your spending because you’re feeling sad, but go ahead and pick up that purse you’ve been eying, or that pair of boots you’ve been lusting over since last season. Everyone deserves a special treat at times — what better opportunity to cash in on your emotional needs than right now? Instant mood changer.
  3. Get Your Makeup Done Just Because
    Breakups tend to breed insecurity — sometimes, you’re even left wondering if you could’ve done something with your look to keep things fresh. That’s crazy thinking, though — you’re beautiful with or without a love interest. Still, there’s nothing wrong with experimenting with some new shades and beauty trends, just because. Try it one day: hit the makeup counter or find an artist that will have you looking your best. Even if it’s just eyelash extensions, go ahead and splurge a little. You’ll be amazed at how nice it feels to switch it up.
  4. Hit the Spa
    You’re stressed out, so yeah, the spa should probably be the first stop on your list. Schedule yourself for a half-day — or even just a massage to get those kinks out of your neck and upper body. Once you start feeling a little more relaxed physically, you’ll find that your mind will open up, too, and that breakup will be the last think you think about.
  5. Try Something New You’ve Been Considering
    This whole green juice craze? Go ahead and indulge in it. Take an interest in something specific that you’ve either considered or have been neglecting, and go all-out. Still using juicing as an example here, but think about it — if you really focus on a project, that leaves little to no time to think of how heartbroken you are. What if you go beyond the green juice and think: “I’m going to strengthen my entire skin regimen…” You’d be spending time journaling your water intake, researching the effects of different vitamins — in short, doing everything to improve your skin and forget your ex!
  6. Go Outside of Your Comfort Zone
    That woman from Eat, Pray, Love had the right idea. You may not have the funds to go on any world travels right this moment, but if you never cook, why not take a series of cooking classes? Or consider moving into that new career that you’ve been pondering forever and a day. Or jump out of a plane with friends. Or go parasailing. Anything other than moping about your failed relationship.
  7. Say Yes to the Guy That’s Been Asking
    You may feel down in the dumps right now, or wondering if you’ll ever find love again but here’s the good news you might have forgotten with everything going on: you’re amazing! And, here’s some more good news: other people have noticed that you’re amazing too! Even if you haven’t been paying them any mind. Maybe you ought to say “yes” the next time the barista asks you out over your morning coffee. You may have more in common than you think, and even if it isn’t a love connection, it doesn’t hurt to make a new friend.
  8. Plan a Trip: Back to Eat, Pray, Love
    Did you notice how happy the main character was shopping for special keepsakes, trying new foods, and collecting passport stamps? That could be you, too, if you put a little effort into it. Even if you’re not comfortable going across the pond, think of destinations that you’ve never traveled to but have always wanted to visit. It could be Philly, or it could be Anchorage — just get out town and see something else for a change.
  9. Volunteer
    Believe it or not, there are some folks out there doing worse than you right now. And it’s coming from a very real place. Some teenage girl is trying to get up the courage to leave her abusive boyfriend and is in need of guidance. Or there’s a group of grade-school kids out there that didn’t have breakfast this morning or dinner last night. Sometimes, you’ve got to get outside of your own head and really notice the hardships that people around you may be going through in order to be appreciate of all the things you do have.
  10. Start a Side Hustle
    Sometimes, the best thing to heal a broken heart is having some expendable cash. You can buy stuff, eat out more often, and go on trips! The best way to whip up some extra money? Start a side hustle. It doesn’t even have to be anything major; you could throw yourself into making muffins or quilts, whatever. Discover your hidden talent for walking dogs or creating up-dos for wedding parties — whatever it is should be an actual project you take on wholeheartedly, reaping a nice little profit from week to week.

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