Hurrah for shorts and flip flops! And for kids being out of school! Okay, I know, that excitement only lasts a few days before your kids start in on the, “I’m bored.” train. Summer vacations can easily go from exciting to being stuck in a rut. To help you keep the kids happy, and hopefully you too, I’ve come up with a list of fun, mostly inexpensive things you can do with your kids this summer.

1. Go on a picnic. It’s old school, but something about eating outside is just plain fun.

2. Have a water gun or water balloon fight. This is also great with Nerf guns too. Or silly string.

3. Go fishing. Seriously, this one is fun for the kids.

4. Track the moon phases. My kids love getting to stay up late to look at the moon and stars.

5. Visit a national or state park. Or zoo, or aquarium!

6. Go on a hike.

7. Go on an extended bike ride. Somewhere out of the neighborhood if possible.

8. Build a bird house, then do some bird watching.

9. Plant flowers

10. Learn to use a camera and take lots of pictures. At the end of the summer the kids can put together a photo album, or scrap book!

11. Camp out in the back yard. Or in the living room if outside isn’t an option. Either way is a blast of fun!

12. Plan a day to watch everyone’s favorite movies. Don’t get dressed, stay in your pjs and lounge around together.

13. Learn to roller skate.

14. Try to recreate works of art on your sidewalk with chalk.

15. Make homemade ice cream

This of course, is just a list of ideas. Adapt them to fit your family and their interests. Just don’t be afraid to spice it up a bit, and have fun!


-Stephanie Wright

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