Beachfront beautiesColor-blocking – Color-blocking has been super trendy on the runways as of late, so it’s no surprise that it’s made the transition to swimwear. Whether it’s neons or solids, patterns or stripes, this is a fun trend that anyone can pull off.

Go retro – Whether it’s high cut bottoms, or adorable retro-inspired one-pieces, vintage is back in swimwear, and in a big way. It’s also the perfect style for those of that aren’t quite sporting that summer six-pack just yet.

Cut-outs – This swimwear trend is definitely an eye-catcher. It takes a woman with a lot of confidence to wear a swimsuit slashed up to there, cut down to here and with the sides cut out. Alternatively, there are more modest versions with smaller cut-outs to give just a little bit of that va-va-voom vibe.

Fringe – Flirty and bohemian, fringe is here to stay this summer. Pictured on celebs like Vanessa Hudgens and Padma Lakshmi, fringe might not seem like the most practical trim for a bikini, but who’s at the beach to actually swim anyways?

White-out – This summer is all about being white-hot. All white bathing suits are all the rage and it’s easy to see why. White really helps that tan pop and is super flattering on everyone. Just make sure it’s lined enough to prevent a post-ocean dip see-through show.

Sporty – These minimalist suits are sleek and flattering, and hopefully, functional.

Feminine  – From the palest of pinks to bows and lace, this summer, swimsuits take a decidedly girly turn that we’d love to embrace.

– Esther Carlstone


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