Walk ParkWhether you’re looking to jump-start weight loss, lose those last few pesky pounds or merely maintain your current weight without laboriously counting calories and sweating away hours at the gym, these minor adjustments to your daily routine can actually bring decent results.

Walk More

For most of us, hopping in the car is automatic, even for short trips and quick errands.  For me, however, this isn’t an option, as I can’t drive due to a visual impairment.  So, I walk—everywhere.  No matter what city I live in, as I’ve moved around quite a bit, I walk—to the store, the doctor, to work, to the gym…you get the picture.  And I live in Los Angeles—one of the most car-dependent cities in the country, but what can I do?  Many drivers are so dependent on their cars they can’t even fathom walking to get to where they need to go, but it is possible—maybe not for getting everywhere, but I guarantee there are many tasks you can accomplish on foot if you think about it.  So, next time you need to run up the street to the post office or drug store, walk instead—get your blood circulating, your legs moving and your heart beating.  It does a body good.

Doggy-Bag It

Years ago I noticed that my appetite was steadily climbing which is a guarantee of weight gain.  This was especially true when I ate out in restaurants—I’d clean my plate without thinking twice.  To combat this, I started ordering the same meals as I always would, but instead of hovering my meal, I would only eat half.  Then I’d ask the waiter for a doggy bag and finish the meal the next day for lunch or dinner.  Now, it’s just habit—I never eat my entire meal.  And don’t be embarrassed, waiters are more than happy to pack up your leftovers and it’s a compliment to the chef that you enjoyed your meal so much, you want to savor it even longer.  But don’t eat the remainder as a midnight snack–this defeats the purpose!

Drink More Water

Water is a great filler and metabolism-booster.  Increase your daily water intake to help jump-start your metabolism.  Also, drink a glass or two before every meal.  Often times, thirst is confused as hunger, so drinking more water will quench your thirst and help decrease your appetite.  Drinking water before each meal will ensure you eat less while maintaining hydration.

Burn Calories Around the House

Even household chores and activities provide an outlet for burning calories.  Next time you’re watching television, rather than sitting on the couch, do jumping jacks, jump rope, lie on your back and do leg lifts—anything to get your heart pumping.  Wear ankle weights while vacuuming, doing dishes or doing laundry.  Wit small changes, your daily tasks can turn into calorie-burning opportunities.


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