scrubIn need of a little TLC or a homemade housewarming gift? Make your own salt scrub! That’s right, that luxurious tub of yummy smelling exfoliating goodness you slather on yourself in the bath can be made by your very own hands – and it’s way easier than you think! It’s simply a matter of deciding whether you want sugar or salt as the base, and what aromatics you want to add from there. And the best part? Fancy scrubs at beauty stores can cost upwards of $20 and these ones are made using items most of us probably already have in our pantries!

Here are some of my favorite DIY salt scrub “recipes”:

Coconut Salt Scrub – Transport yourself to a tropical island with this delicious-smelling scrub.

Rosemary Lavender Salt Scrub – Two of my favorite scents come together to create a relaxing and invigorating scent.

Olive Oil Sugar Scrub – Honey, extra virgin olive oil and sugar combine to make one decadent scrub that’s sure to smell heavenly. Who needs a trip to Burke Williams when you’ve got this at home?

Honey Brown Sugar Scrub – This one is similar to the one above but with added hints of cinnamon and vanilla – mmm…. I guarantee you’ll be hooked on this.

Citrus Sugar Scrub Cubes – These cubes make the perfect single-serve dose of bath time loveliness, and packaged in a lovely jar would make an awesome gift for anyone!

Lemon Sugar Scrub – Imagine how amazing this would feel on your feet and legs after a long day?

Chocolate Coconut Scrub – Feel like dessert in the bath? Why not try your hand at making this decadent and amazing-smelling scrub that’ll leave you feeling like you just left Willy Wonka’s factory.

Once you get the hang of making a few of these yourself, you’ll see that the combination possibilities are really endless. So have fun and enjoy! You deserve it!

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